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Fruit2o SunnyD
20 Labels=20 Books

Give Fruit2OTM labels to your child’s teacher and get free books for their classroom.

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When children open a book, they open their minds.

Fruit2OTM is proud to support children, teachers and parents across the country with the Fruit2OTM Book Spree program In exchange for 20 Fruit2OTM labels, Book Spree delivers $120 worth of books to your child’s classroom. Since its inception, the Book Spree program has donated over $8 million in books. It’s the perfect way to bring more books into the classroom and open more young minds to the fun and joy of reading.

Participation is easy, especially when parents and teachers work together.

Just collect Fruit2OTM labels and send to your child’s teacher. Teachers will then send the labels into Fruit2OTM to get free books. For every 20 labels received, Fruit2OTM will donate 20 free books.

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Fruit2o Bookspree Fruit2o Bookspree Fruit2o Bookspree
Here's how it works
Step 1

Step 1:

Parents clip and collect eligible Fruit2OTM UPC labels.

Info for Parents Eligible Products
Step 2

Step 2:

Parents send UPC labels with their child to a participating teacher.

Info for Teachers
Step 3

Step 3:

Teachers collect UPCs, fill out the entry form and mail both to Fruit2OTM.

Step 4

Step 4:

Fruit2OTM sends books to participating classrooms.

Eligible Products

These Products Also Accepted

128oz 128oz Bottle
2L 2L Bottle
64oz 64oz Bottle
56oz 56oz Bottle
40oz 40oz Bottle
16oz 16oz Bottle
11oz 11oz Bottle
10oz 10oz Bottle
6.75oz 6.75oz Bottle
Cartons Cartons

Ends 11/30/16 or while supplies last. 20 bottle UPCs = 20 books.

Overwraps from variety and 6-packs are not eligible.
K-7th grade only via teacher entry – 1 per class/teacher.
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